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The total experience you have. Player can gain once hit enemies in the battle.

Offense DDTankers’ total offense property. It maximizes the damage you can cause on your enemy but affects agility negatively.
Defense DDTankers’ total defense property. It minimizes the damage you suffer in battle and potentially improve your health. About 7 point defense improve 1 point health.
Agility DDTankers’ total defense property. It determines who will have the first turn and improves stamina. About 30 point agility improves 1 point stamina.
Luck DDTankers’ total luck property. It improves critical hit and reduce enemy defense property.
Harm The basic damage you can cause on your enemy during battle.
Shield  It minimizes the damage you suffer.
Health The maximum health you have.
Stamina The maximum stamina you can consume when you move or use tools in the fight.

DDTanker's Profile

Can be seen in battle
Health When health reduces to 0, player loses.
Stamina When stamina is 0, player can’t move or use tools this round. It will restore to maximum in next round.
Enrage power Enrage power accumulates during the fight. When player is attacked or fire, it increases (tool “enrage”+50, fire+10, pass+20).